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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Parent Networks? Parent Networks are informal gatherings for parents and guardians from each grade level to get acquainted, share parenting ideas, and get information on navigating Paly. Meetings occur on a monthly basis. Locations will be published before the meetings.

Who can be involved? All parents and guardians are encouraged to be involved in their grade-level PPN.

What is the purpose of each Parent Network? Parent Networks provide an opportunity for parents to share ideas, concerns and strategies around issues such as friendships, parent-child communication, emerging independence, discipline, social life (dating, parties, etc.) and academics.

Please note, questions and concerns related to your child’s specific academics should be addressed with Paly staff, not at these meetings.

Each class creates a schedule of meetings and publicizes these dates in the Paly eNews, Paly Link.

Parent Network communication guidelines. Read the PTAC guidelines: PTAC-Parent-Network-Guidelines

Anything posted on the Parent Network group site must be balanced and intended for information ONLY. Konstella is the only official PTSA Parent Network communication channel. Information is pushed out and is intended to be informational and all of network groups are under the PTA umbrella. Lobbying for particular positions on issues or for particular candidates during an election season is not an appropriate use of this venue.

FAQ | 2023 | 2024 | 2025 | 2026 | Special