Teacher and Staff Resources

Paly PTSA is parents, teachers, and students in partnership.

One of the hallmarks of Palo Alto High School is the strength of its community and the vibrant connection between staff, students, and parents.

We encourage all parents, teachers, and students to join PTSA to benefit the Paly community and children across the nation. Annual membership is $10.


Resources for teachers and staff:

Your Voice, Your Vision:

Why Join the PTA?

The Paly PTSA is not just an organization; it’s a community of passionate educators, staff members, and parents working collaboratively to create a nurturing and enriched educational environment for our students. By joining the PTSA, you will have the incredible opportunity to:

View the national PTA’s page on resources for teachers.

  1. Shape the Future: Contribute your valuable insights and expertise to discussions that shape the direction of our school’s educational programs and initiatives.
  2. Enhance Student Experience: Your involvement will directly impact the lives of our students, helping to create memorable and impactful learning experiences.
  3. Build Connections: Forge strong connections with fellow educators, parents, and community members, fostering a network of support and collaboration.
  4. Professional Growth: PTA involvement provides an avenue for professional growth through workshops, seminars, and interactions with diverse stakeholders.
  5. Amplify Your Voice: Be a voice for positive change, advocating for resources and improvements that can directly benefit our school community.
  6. Meaningful Impact: Witness firsthand the positive changes your contributions bring about and the smiles you help put on students’ faces.

Your Involvement Matters!

We firmly believe that the collective efforts of our dedicated teachers and staff, alongside our proactive parents, can truly make a difference in the lives of our students. Whether you choose to lead a committee, contribute to event planning, or simply provide insights during meetings, your involvement is invaluable.

Joining the PTA is easy!