Spirit Week 2021

Thanks for donating!

Our donation goal to supply meals was achieved!
The float parade and spirit rally was held
on 10/15/2021, Friday afternoon at 2:30.

Thanks to all the Volunteers!

We used Konstella and this link for signup.

Spirit week runs from October 11-15, 2021, and it is one of THE MOST FUN WEEKS of the year with daily dress-up competitions, lunchtime rallies at the football field, float building, and dance competitions. Then we top it off with our Homecoming dance on October 15th. We need donations for food and volunteers to help.

Float-building starts on Saturday, October 9, and we’ll need to coordinate food for all day Saturday and Sunday, and then each evening Monday through Thursday.

In light of COVID-19 restrictions, it is wiser to ask parents for contributions of money to purchase food directly from vendors rather than have parents bring in piecemeal donations of food like in past years.

Thanks for your support!

We have over 300 volunteer opportunities over the course of Spirit Week. There is something for everyone, supervising float building and/or the dance, bringing in snacks and/or supplies, making donations, coat check, ticket sales… Years from now you will remember your teenagers singing and dancing together while building incredible floats, dancing to fantastic choreography on the field, and lots of competition for dress-up and lunchtime rallies. Please join in the fun! We want you there. 
Here is a video of the 2019 senior class dance: https://karenambrosehickey.zenfolio.com/p274248536#hbb936d3a
Information on the themes and activities for each day can be found at: http://www.palyasb.com/