Parent Networks

Parent Networks are grade-level groups so parents can receive grade-level-specific information about Paly. Look for information via ParentSquare. 

Every Parent Network has a What’s App group. These unofficial communication channels are not sanctioned or monitored by PAUSD or PTSA. Views expressed on these sites do not reflect the opinions of the PTSA or PAUSD.

Parent Network Meetings are held monthly and topics vary based on grade level. Each class creates a schedule of meetings and publicizes these dates in the Paly eNews, Paly Link.  

For this school year, the dates of the meetings are:

PPN Volunteers

Class of 2024

  • Purvi Kapadia
  • Mala Narasimharajan
  • Trina Currier
  • Lucy Lee
  • Angela Wong

Class of 2025

  • Rhonda Jeffrey
  • Wendie Karel
  • Nishita Kothary
  • Catherine Matterson

Class of 2026:

  • Diana Fong
  • Divya Singh
  • Lauren Daniluk
  • Manuela Wei
  • Tammy Kwan
  • Esther Yoo

Class of 2027:

  • Ashima Agarwal
  • Melanie Miao
  • Robyn Reiss
  • Angela Wong
  • Deanna Wong

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Parent Networks? Parent Networks are informal gatherings for parents and guardians from each grade level to get acquainted, share parenting ideas, and get information on navigating Paly.

All parents and guardians are encouraged to be involved in their grade-level PPN.

Please note, questions and concerns related to your child’s specific academics should be addressed with Paly staff, not at these meetings.

Parent Network communication guidelines. Read the PTAC guidelines: PTAC-Parent-Network-Guidelines