2020-21 Juniors

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Parent Network Co-coordinators, Class of 2022:

  • Sally-Ann Rudd
  • Sharon Tobias
  • Amy Kacher
  • Leilani Yau
  • Nana Chancellor

Group website:


Email contact:

Class 2022: palyclass2022@gmail.com

UpToUs contains the Paly family eDirectory. This is the only official PTSA parent network online communication group.

Your family has already been enrolled if you gave permission to the PTSA at the time of registering your student at PAUSD. You can control how much information it presents or opt out completely.

Jazzmin Lu from Collegewise spoke to us on Wednesday, 2/24/2021, on “the State of the Nation with college admissions, what colleges consider under pandemic circumstances, and how families should prepare for senior year and college applications.”

  • YouTube recording, click here.
  • Slides from the presentation, click here.
  • More information in email sent to the UpToUs group.

FAQ | 2021 | 2022 | 2023 | 2024 | Special