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PAUSD offers Health & Wellness Services. Read more at:


Advice in a Crisis. Crisis Resources:


Wellness Contacts:

At Paly PTSA, VP Health & Wellness is Yulin Lee.

At Paly PTSA, Co-VP Health & Wellness is Radhi Dhall.

At Paly PAUSD, Wellness Coordinator is Elizabeth Spector
(espector @ pausd dot org).

At Paly PAUSD, Wellness Outreach Worker is Angelina Michael
(amichael @ pausd dot org).

Paly Wellness Family Night

On Tuesday, March 23, 7-8pm, we had a session to learn more about supporting your student’s mental health and how the Wellness Team can help! We were also be joined by SafeSpace to discuss the impact of quarantine on our students’ lives and ways parents can help, and a screening of the brief movie “Quaranteen.” 

Paly Parent Survey September 2020

This link Paly Parent Survey September 2020 shares the key findings from our recent PTSA Parent Survey (August 12-23, 2020) about student mental, physical, and academic readiness for distance learning. It also outlines plans being developed by the PTSA’s Parent Education team in response to the survey results. These results have also been shared with the Paly Wellness and administration teams along with PTAC leadership to help inform their own efforts to support our students’ academic and social-emotional wellbeing.


Parent Education | Wellness | Paly 101