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Back to School Packet

The 2023-24 Back to School packet is online:

Back to School Night | Parent Fair – August 31, 5 – 7 pm
(Back to School Night is  6-8:30 pm)

NEW THIS YEAR!  Interested in learning about all the various groups on campus that are offered to your kids?  Or learning about the various organizations that impact your kids’ education?  Come join us right before BTSN for our first annual Back to School Night | Parent Fair!  We’ll have tables of various groups on campus representing the various activities your kids will have access to!  It’s also a wonderful opportunity to connect/reconnect with other Paly parents too.  See you there!

How to Stay Connected

PAUSD communicates with parents through Infinite Campus, Schoology, and Parentsquare. PTSA communicates with parents through Parent Networks via ParentSquare, PalyLink, and Paly.Net online calendar

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus (IC) is a web-based student information system that stores student data. It provides students the ability to access their class-related information as well as allows parents the ability to view their children’s academic information. Infinite Campus is the permanent record system. Access IC through


Schoology is the platform used to manage the day-to-day activities related to content distribution, collection, and collaboration between students and teachers. Schoology is the in-progress system that facilitates and organizes information for students and teachers. Access Schoology through


ParentSquare is designed to keep parents informed and facilitate participation at school. It provides a way for the school principal, teachers, staff, and parents to send and receive school and class information in one place.  Students do not have access to Parentsqaure. Access ParentSquare through

Parent Networks

Parent Networks are grade-level groups so parents can receive grade-level-specific information about Paly. Look for information via ParentSquare. 

Every Parent Network has a What’s App group. These are unofficial communication channels and are not sanctioned or monitored by PAUSD or PTSA. Views expressed on these sites do not reflect the opinions of the PTSA or PAUSD.


Parent Network Meetings are held monthly and topics vary based on grade level. For this school year, the dates of the meetings are:

Paly Link

Paly PTSA offers weekly eNews with up-to-date events happening on campus, in our community, and with sports and arts boosters. This is free and you are automatically enrolled when you register your student. If you do not receive a Paly Link via ParentSquare during the first week of classes, check your spam folder.  You can change your ParentSquare settings to opt out of announcements or receive a daily digest.

Calendars Online Calendar 

Paly’s Google calendar ( has odd and even class schedule days marked and schedule changes. It is the “go-to source” for the Paly community for all campus activities.

Paly PTSA Online Calendar

How to Help

Volunteer at Paly

Did you know that over 600 parents and community members volunteer at Paly every year? There are three great reasons to become one of them:

  • Studies show that students are more engaged with their school when their parents are active participants at the school, 
  • Parents experience greater satisfaction and connection with their school when they participate in on-campus events, and
  • It is fun!

For more information about volunteering, email Beth Martin at

Donate to PTSA, PiE, Boosters, and ASB

There are four ways to contribute to your children’s education through donations. 

Paly PTSA Annual Drive

The Paly PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) pays for “stuff,”  funds technology and classroom materials, PSAT testing, the Freshman Orientation program, Parent Education, Parent Networks, the mailing of student publications to all families, supports ongoing student programs such as Challenge Success, community-building events, and provides thousands of volunteer hours on campus. 

The suggested donation amount is $300 per student. .

You will receive proof of payment for tax purposes. The Paly PTSA TAX ID # 94-6184932.

For more information, email the PTSA VP of Fundraising at

PAUSD Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE) 

PiE pays for staff in three areas: STEM, the Arts, and Wellness & Support. PiE makes possible engaging electives, including computer science, graphic design, engineering, and biotechnology, to captivate students and build critical thinking skills. PiE supports the guidance counselors and the Teacher Advisor program to offer emotional and academic guidance, as well as help, build student resilience. PiE also funds the College and Career Counseling advisors and resource programs that provide individual counseling to help all students choose among a variety of pathways to success and plan wisely for the future. The suggested donation amount is $1350 per student, but any amount helps!

Paly Boosters

Paly has many extracurricular activities supported by booster groups. Donations to the individual booster groups go directly to student activities and include Fiery Arts, Friends of Paly Choir, Media Arts, Music, Performing Arts, Sports, TEAM, and Theater. The suggested donation amount varies by program. For more information, go to

Paly Associated Student Body (ASB) Card

Students can get discounted pricing on dances and athletic events by purchasing a Paly ASB card.  The ASB card supports student leadership programs. For more information, go to A link to the ASB website is available under Helpful Links. The ASB website only works using the Chrome browser.

Wellness at Paly

The Wellness Center at Paly provides a safe and supportive environment where students can discuss a variety of topics in a confidential, non-judgmental space. The center is staffed with professionals who are dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and educational outcomes of all students. The center is located in P-4.

The Paly PTSA  provides funding and recruits volunteers for Wellness programs throughout the year. 

You can learn more about the Wellness Center and its recourses for all students on its website. 

The Wellness Center has a wish list of snacks and supplies on Amazon. 

Athletics at Paly

Paly has Fall, Winter, and Spring sports. All students are required to have a sports physical before participating. These physicals are good for one full calendar year and one physical is good for multiple sports. The form and information can be found on the main website for Paly Athletics. 

Clubs at Paly

There are 100+ clubs that cover many student interests, including traditional athletics and academic clubs, to special interests like aviation, bad movies, girls in AI/STEM, art, entrepreneurship, etc. Any student is welcome to begin a new club. Information on who to contact to do this can be found on the Associated Student Body (ASB) Club website. The ASB website only works using the Chrome browser.

Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

How the PTA Operates:

Paly PTSA PTAC Sixth District PTA California PTA National PTA