Konstella Website

Konstella is a service used by Paly PTSA to connect communities with directories (contacts), discussion groups, and event calendars.

Paly PTSA has chosen Konstella again for 2022-2023 as our communication and collaboration tool. The link below is an invitation to join Paly’s Konstella platform.  If a community member has indicated ‘yes’ to PTSA communications during their PAUSD registration, they are already able to join Paly’s Konstella directory either through an existing account or through an invitation sent on Tuesday, August 9, 2022.  Anyone can register through the link below and join Paly’s Konstella community and Paly Link distribution list.


Konstella enables you to find other parents, send them messages, organize volunteering and fundraising activities.  Please take a few minutes to sign up, confirm your information is correct, and explore the site.  And be sure to download the mobile app to access Konstella on the go.  If you have any questions, feel free to email palyptsacoms @ gmail dot com.