Exec Board Slate 2020-2021


Proposed for the next school year, to be voted on at the April 22 Association meeting. Yes, school is out until at least May 1, 2020. How to work voting remains to be seen!

SCHOOL YEAR 2020 – 2021

Title Name
President Ann Balva
EVP Charu Gupta
Co-EVP Husna Hashmi
1st VP-Programs/Parent Ed. Ling Wu
1st Co-VP-Programs/Parent Ed. Cathy Williams
2nd VP-Fundraising Tina Mondragon
3rd VP-Hospitality Jing Jing Xu
3rd Co-VP-Hospitality Carine Schultz
4th VP-Community Programs Melinda Zschietschmann
4th Co-VP-Community Programs Lisa Daly
5th VP-Communications Karl Garcia
5th Co-VP-Communications Li Yan
5th Co-VP-Communications Gabrielle Conway
6th VP-Health & Wellness Yulin Lin
6th Co-VP-Health & Wellness Radhi Dhall
Recording Secretary Simon Firth
Treasurer Julie Yuan
Financial Secretary Johanna Ehrlich
Historian Elizabeth Olson
Parliamentarian (Appointed) Open