Paly PTSA Key Volunteers

Auditor (Appointed) for Jan-June 2016 financial Christopher Tran
Auditor (Appointed) for July-Dec 2016 financial Erica Brand
Disaster Preparedness
Sustainability Coordinator Yuhua Ji
Landscape/Beautification Coordinator Jennifer Ramberg
Meals on Wheels Lori Merritt
Membership Rachel Cox
PiE Rep
PTSA Website Editor Qingmin Wang
PTA Council Rep 1 (Appointed) Susan Usman
PTA Council Rep 2 (Appointed)
School Board Observer
Site Council Rep (Appointed) Mudita Jain
Special Education Liaison Anna Thayer
Traffic Safety Co-Chair Judd Volino
Traffic Safety Co-chair
Paly Link e-news Co-Editor Shuchi Grover
Paly Link e-news Co-Editor Anh Quan
Paly Link e-news Co-Editor Pavan Bakshi
Paly Link List Manager Bala Aiyar (till 2019)
Paly Link Archive Coordinator Gordon Craig
Parent Network 2017 Co-Chair Mudita Jain
Parent Network 2017 Co-Chair Kathy Jordan
Parent Network 2018 Co-Chair Julia Kossack
Parent Network 2018 Co-Chair Julie Tomz
Parent Network 2019 Co-Chair Karen Hickey
Parent Network 2019 Co-Chair Reshma Singh
Parent Network 2019 Co-Chair Daxue Xu
Parent Network 2020 Co-Chair Liz Jones
Parent Network 2020 Co-Chair Patricia Stayte
Parent Network 2020 Co-Chair Aviva Saitz
Parent Network 2020 Co-Chair Nerissa Wong-VanHaren
Liaison for Chinese Parents Lin Sun-Hoffman
Liaison for Chinese Parents Amy Yang
Liaison for Spanish-speaking Parents Gina Dalma
Liaison for Spanish-speaking Parents Ligia Rivera
Student Directory Mark Fan
Student Directory Distribution Pat Markevitch
Back to School Packets Joy Frick
Back to School Packets Lissa Dutton
Back to Paly Welcome Dinner (Aug) Tami Burton
Back to Paly Welcome Dinner (Aug) Sangeeta Sankar
Freshman Pizza Party Oindrila Ray
Freshman Pizza Party Kimberly Schwan
New Family Orientation Katie Shade  
Registration Day (PTSA Info) Susan Scheel
Registration Day (PTSA Info) Liz Libbey
Flowers (monthly) Jennifer Ramberg
Staff Latte Cart (monthly) Jessie Dai
Staff Latte Cart (monthly)
Staff Back to School Lunch (August)  Victoria Liu
Staff Holiday Luncheon (December)  Cindy Roberts
Staff Holiday Luncheon (December)
Staff Appreciation Lunch (April) Ginny Wang
Staff Appreciation Lunch (April)
Club Day (all school picnic, Sept)  Katie Shade
Spirit Week Coordinator (October) Mego Tracy
Spirit Week Coordinator (October) Susan Scheel
Spirit Week Parent Class of 2017 Michelle Cooper
Spirit Week Parent Class of 2017 Wendy Wright
Spirit Week Parent Class of 2017 Kim Robins
Spirit Week Parent Class of 2018 Jill Gold
Spirit Week Parent Class of 2018 Megan Fogarty
Spirit Week Parent Class of 2019 Tammy Huynh
Spirit Week Parent Class of 2019
Spirit Week Parent Class of 2020
Spirit Week Parent Class of 2020
Turkey Day Lunch Co-Chairs (Nov) Melissa Anderson
Turkey Day Lunch Co-Chairs (Nov) Kristen Andersen
Morning Munchies(Dec,May) Gayle Black
Morning Munchies (Dec,May) Marci Stevens
Morning Munchies (Dec,May) Sondra Zenger
Reflections Art Coordinator Daxue Xu
Field Day ( May) Mani Varadarajan
Graduation Reception (junior parent) Melissa Anderson
Graduation Reception (junior parent)
Graduation Reception (junior parent)
Senior Activities – Grad Nite Chair Catherine Matterson
Senior Activities – Grad Nite Co-chair
Senior Activities – Picnic Chair Ann Schilling
Senior Activities – Picnic Co-Chair Gretchen Deandre
Senior Activities – Transportation Cynthia Tham
Senior Activities Treasurer Judy Huang
Senior Activities Coordinator Rebecca Passarello
Senior Activities Communication Solly Malchin