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2016-2017 PTSA Executive Board

President     Katie Shade

Executive Vice President     Jill Gold

1st Co-VP Programs/Parent Ed.       Diana Pang & OPEN

2nd Co-VP Fundraising     Stacy Mason & Tina Semba

3rd Co-VP Hospitality     Cindy Roberts & Victoria Liu

4th VP Community Service     Neha Jhaveri

5th Co-VP Communications     Stephanie Youngquist & Nienke      Ruinard

6th Co-VP Health & Welfare     Cari Anderson & Kimberly Lin

7th VP Outreach     Cristina Rodriguez

8th VP Legislative Advocacy     Anna Thayer

Recording Secretary     Chris Chang

Corresponding Secretary     Pat Markevitch

Treasurer     Judy Huang

Financial Secretary     Carol Mullin

Parliamentarian     Colleen Nielsen

Principal     Kim Diorio

Parent Education Notes from March 2016

Notes from March 1 • Mindfulness in Parenting and Education  – Shauna Shapiro, Ph.D

Shauna Notes

Shauna Shapiro is a Professor at Santa Clara University, a clinical psychologist, and an internationally recognized expert in mindfulness. Dr. Shapiro is the recipient of the American Council of Learned Societies teaching award, acknowledging her outstanding contributions to education; and received the Contemplative Practice Fellowship from the Mind and Life Institute, co-founded by the Dalai Lama. Dr. Shapiro lectures and leads mindfulness training programs internationally and has been invited to present for the King of Thailand, the Danish Government, the Prime Minister of Iceland, and the World Council for Psychotherapy in Beijing, China. She has published over 150 articles and book chapters and is co-author of the critically acclaimed texts, The Art and Science of Mindfulness and, Mindful Discipline: A loving approach to raising an emotionally intelligent child.

Notes from March 23 • What Your Teen Wants to Tell You…But Can’t • Paly Student Fishbowl

What Teens Want to Tell You

Word cloud

Note: The size of the word is based on the number of responses using that word.

Information on a Federal Court Ruling to Release Personal Data of California Students


New information on a February federal court ruling originally asking California Department of Education to release all personal data — even including names and Social Security numbers — on general and special education students since Jan. 1, 2008: more than 10 million students, including your child’s information.

See California PTA website for information on the latest court ruling against releasing CDE CALPADS database:

Judge Kimberly Mueller noted that she has received “voluminous” numbers of objection forms and will continue to receive forms until April 1 and included in the official documentation. PDF Form:  form2016jan26-1

Parenting & Education:

How to Improve Performance & Innovation

Through the Science of Mindfulness and Social-Emotional Well Being

With Dr. Shauna Shapiro

Tuesday, March 1 • 7:00-9:00pm • Paly Haymarket Theater

Dr. Shauna Shapiro offers scientific research and meditative practices for parents and educators interested in cultivating greater health, success and well being in their children and themselves. Drawing on current research in psychology, medicine and cognitive neuroscience, we will investigate the effects of mindfulness meditation on enhancing cognitive capacities needed for academic success as well as enhancing social and emotional intelligence, needed for success in life. The intention is to de-construct the idea that we are sacrificing performance, innovation, or academic success for social-emotional intelligence and wellness. Mindfulness actually enhances both cognitive academic capacities and social and emotional well being. The focus of the workshop will be on deepening our own personal experience of mindfulness so we can bring it more fully into our lives, as well as our children’s lives.

Spanish and Mandarin translation will be available.

Dr. Shapiro will speak from 7-8:30pm, book signing from 8:30-9pm.

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Shauna Event

Shauna Event PDF Flyer

RSVP at Eventbrite: